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Enabling Classic Editor in Divi

Enabling the WordPress Classic Editor in DiviAKA - Disabling GutenbergWordPress 5.0 introduced "Gutenberg" the block editor that allows for moving blocks of content around.  It's named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press and the...

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Typewriter effect

Typewriter effect can be achieved in many different ways but here is one example of a typewriter effect using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In HTML code static part of the text can be defined…

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CSS clip-path property

Masking some area of the site can be useful and very visually interesting. Sometimes that effect can be achieved using transparent PNG or SVG images, but sometimes it's very useful and easy to use clip-path css property. clip-path makes it easy to clip-out...

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Design of the recent posts section

Keeping your website visitors informed about news in your company or in the business, in general, is a very important thing. That's why having a blog on your website is a beneficial thing. Most recent posts section makes fresh information easily accessible to your...

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Happy 14th Birthday to us!

Today is Glimmernet's fourteenth year anniversary! Thank YOU! Thanks to our awesome clients - both current and past - and thanks to everyone who has worked for these clients!  You're awesome!  We obviously couldn't have made it this long...

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Migrating Adobe Typekit Settings

I was looking for a way to copy all of the settings from one Adobe Typekit account to another.  In this case, it was from a previous designer for whom we had taken over for our one of our clients so asking directly wouldn't have gone over too...

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Editing WordPress Page

Editing a WordPress page is pretty simple Log into WordPress with your username and password. Your login screen is typically located at http://www.your-domain.com/wp-admin and your username and password should have been provided to you. If you are hosting with...

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